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Mission Statement

Let’s start with your mission, the one you’ve held since the first day you dreamed of opening a martial arts school: to provide the best education to any student to walk through your doors. To promote the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of martial arts. To pass down knowledge to the next generation, as it was once passed down to you.

Our mission is to support yours. Martial Arts Nation offers high-quality, tested and proven programs and lesson plans to make your role as an instructor go as smoothly as possible. There’s so much that only an instructor can do – talk to a struggling child, be a role model, inspire students on their good and bad days. We want to help you with the rest, so you can focus on what you do best.


Vision Statement

Martial Arts Nation strives to create a world where as many people as possible experience the benefits of martial arts. Not only do the arts give people a fun, exciting way to improve their physical fitness, for some people they have a life-changing, and even life-saving, effect.

We will all face challenges at different points throughout our lives. During these times, we are left more susceptible to negative influences. Unfortunately, children and young people are more vulnerable, and in a position where poor choices can hurt them for years. If they feel overwhelmed, they may turn to drugs, gangs, excess screen time or bad relationships for escape.

The martial arts can act as a positive influence to counterbalance these negative influences. When gyms and dojos are successful and well-equipped, they are a powerful force for good. Our goal at Martial Arts Nation is to give you the tools you need to succeed, so that you can help the next generations, and make a better world for us all.

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